my mom dosent accept me as a lesbian?

Im 17 and when she found out she got angry and I wasn't aloud to see my girlfriend anymore. Before my mom found out I was a lesbian my mom thought that my girlfriend was my best friend. But she found out im a lesbian and that she's my girlfried and now we only text/call eachother and can't see eachother. She yelled at me and said it was disgusting and evil and all the stuff stereotypical homophobic parents do. Its been a few months sence she found out and now she's just in denial. She asks me if im intrested in any cute guys in school and stuff like that. Its pretty annoying. Anyone else expirence this? What did you do?

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    9 years ago
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    ya, my best friend is bisexual and her parents got mad when they found out and she wasnt allowed to sleep ovr at anyones house, stay after school or c her girlfriend. yep, ppl are so unaccepting.

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