Help with university problems?

My university experience really hasn't been great so far.

I'll try and summarise it quickly.

- I joined a 3 year course, the first 2 years were 100% assessed by assignments

- Halfway through the second year they added an exam in a subject I struggled with

- If the lesson carried on as normal with no exam, I would have passed by a large margin.

- Nowhere in my enrolment did they say they were able to add and remove things as and when they pleased, it also mentioned no exams in any handbook given.

- Needless to say, I failed this exam.

- I then revised as hard as I could for the resit exam, I then promptly emailed my tutor in regards to my mark

- I received no reply but when a fellow student asked about my grade the tutor told them I had failed with x marks.

- I probably would have told the other student myself but that's my choice, not theirs and they have completely breached my confidentiality, that's how it feels anyway.

- I still haven't had any reply from my tutor 2 weeks later after the resit and I'm sure the third year of my course must start pretty soon!

First of all - They added this exam and I feel as if I've completely been set up to fail, which means a lot of money has been wasted if I can't attend my final year and complete my degree. I also find it extremely ironic that I'm not even studying what I failed in my final year, so why should that hold me back?

And lastly - Is this a breach of Tutor Student confidentiality (If there is such a thing) or are my grades open to anyone who asks? Because I find this completely unfair and extremely embarrassing. I would really like to take action if that's a possibility?

I'd really appreciate any reply that could be given, thanks a lot!

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