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Is it possible for Chlamydia signs to not show up for six months?

I haven't had sex for over six months but the last time I did it was unprotected. I think I'm starting to show symptoms of Chlamydia because it hurts to pee and I have a white discharge.

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    Hi there I have chlyamedia and those were some of the signs I got before I found out I had a STD. I thought it was a UTI becuase I would also pee alot( which is another) symptom.. Don't always relay thinking unprotected sex is ok because it's not go get check. Six months is way to much and if untreated it could cause infertile.

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    Is the bleeding easy or heavy? there continues to be a risk you in line with risk pregnant as delivery administration pills are daily safety in case you omit one you're no longer secure for that day.. did you have intercourse on the day you probably did no longer take one? (delivery administration pills are no longer one hundred%) i recommend you wait and notice in case you come on and if it a common era. If that isn't the case then you certainly would desire to take a being pregnant attempt!! P.s. Sore nipples would be a symptone of being pregnant. I had this, took a attempt it grew to become into detrimental, yet this grew to become into by way of taking it to quickly. i desperate to take an early being pregnant one - beneficial x2. good luck xx

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    Chlamydia usually has no syptoms.

    what you probably have is Cystitis

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