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What is the weirdest myth/old wive's tale that you've ever heard?

Some of my older family members' parents came to America from Russia. They all believe that you can't wash your hair during menstruation, and they also believe that you can't sleep with wet hair. They all claim that it will cause "problems when I am older" without specifying what those problems are, and instead saying "Well women get cysts and fibroids and cramps and migraines and they NEVER question why..."

What is the weirdest myth you've ever heard?


Yes but they believe that sleeping with wet hair causes serious problems as an adult, not catching a cold.

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    dont point at a rainbow,you'll get a wart

    Source(s): yea,my mum's a weirdo..
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    being cold makes you sick

    actually if your core body temp drops more than 3 degrees your immune system weakens...

    but if your core temp drops more than 3 degrees you've got a lot more to worry about than catching a cold

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    English only Myth - If it rains of St. Swythans Day it will rain for 40 days & 40 nights.

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