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9/11 why wasn't the second tower evacuated?

After the plane hit the first tower, why wasn't the second tower immediately evacuated as a matter of precaution?

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    Some people did evacuate from the second tower. When the plane hit the first tower it was thought it an accident and the plane was off track and the pilot made a mistake, they did not believe then, that it was a terrorist attack. When the second plane hit, then it was confirmed as a terrorist attack.

  • They thought the first plane was an accident, they weren't expecting a second plane, or they would have somehow got out. There was so much smoke, chocking everyone that they probably couldn't see the doors to get out, and thought it safer to stay inside. No one dreamed this to be a terrorist attack, at first, just an accident, until the second plane hit. Paramedics were going as fast as they could with the first plane attack on the WTC.

  • They probably thought the plane just got off path by accident. And back than peopledidnt think america could have a terrorist attack.

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    Good question (the accident thing is plausible and to add however planes have hit building by accient in latin america dn eurpoe and thos ebuilding didn't fall ..strange much? i find it wierd that out builsings decided to fall considereing they were more advanced than hthe buildings hit in latin america and europe

    conspiracy much? Yeah

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    they thought it was accidental, & the tower was partially evacuated.

    but they didn't have enough time to get EVERYONE out.

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