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What does it mean? am i right?

My bf had a dream that he saw me with another guy and we walked away and two days later he got with another girl who is his friend. Could it just be that he fears that because I'm still in school and he just graduated?

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    9 years ago
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    it's just a dream. no biggie

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    Dreams are subconsious messages really, it looks like he is scared of you going off with someone else and in his dream he saw how he would resolve the anger/pain/jealousy, like going off with the other girl, it doesn't mean anything would happen it's just his worries being created in his subconsious mind also go to dream dictonary (just type that in on google) and it explains a lot, hope I helped!

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  • Khione
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    9 years ago

    no its just a dream. Unless he's psychic it probably doesn't mean anything so dont think about it otherwise it'll become a self fullfilling prophecy-think oedipus. You dont want a self fullfilling prophecy so chill and enjoy life :)

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