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Why was Billie Jean King made famous for winning a few tennis games?

She was like 22 (?) years old and ranked the #1 female player in the world and only beat Bobby Riggs, a 55 year old dentist that wasn't even ranked in the top 1,000 male players in the USA. How can anybody call that "equality"? I could see the big deal if a Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, ETC., but a 55 year old dentist, come on how. Not a rant, just asking. Any ideas on this?


Reverse it, Riggs at 25 against King at 55...Both were ranked #1 at one time as someone said.

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    The match between her and Bobby Riggs was hailed as the "Battle of the Sexes", so obviously, it gained a lot of media attention, purely for it being man against woman. And Bobby Riggs was a former World No. 1, so actually, he should have still been skilled well into his older age.

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    What are you talking about?

    Bobby Riggs was a former Wimbledon men's singles champion. He was ranked the World No. 1 or the co-World No. 1 player for three years.


    Riggs suffered from Foot-In-Mouth Disease:

    "Billie Jean King is one of the alltime tennis greats, she's one of the superstars, she's ready for the big one, but she doesn't stand a chance against me, women's tennis is so far beneath men's tennis, that's what makes the contest with a 55-year-old man the greatest contest of all time. I went to Wimbledon this year to watch her play, I wasn't scared before, but after watching the girls at Wimbledon I may even be overconfident. You may want to ask me if I have a game plan for Billie Jean. I don't need a game plan. I'll let her start something and I'll finish it. I have such a vast assortment of tennis weapons in my arsenal that I can handle anything she can throw at me. I'll psych her out a little bit. I'm psyching her out already, she won't admit it but I can see her coming apart at the seams already ...

    And that, gentlemen and ladies, as Bobby Riggs likes to put it, is what is known in the trade as hustle. Which is what happens to any man, woman or child who comes within earshot of Robert Larimore Riggs, the most notorious, obstreperous and, a good many women would say, obnoxious 55-year-old adolescent in the land".

    Source(s): 'How Bobby Runs and Talks, Talks, Talks". Time Magazine, 1973,9171,9...
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    So to make men look better you denigrate a professional athletes ability.

    He opened his big mouth, then ate his foot.

    Pretty stupid to challenge someone far above your ability.

    He might have won the match

    if it was a pie eating contest. LOL

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