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I Dont Know If My Girfriend is Cheating On Me?

i got with my girlfriend a year ago and since then i have had lies thrown at me she lied at the start about having sex with this guy she said she did then said she dident, she blew me off for 2 months to go out with this other guy, she has been going cars with older boys on her own and she has changed the way she looks alot, a couple of nights ago i had a really bad gut feeling then the next day she told me she hugged and kissed a boy when she went out that night, aparently he was drunk and kept hugging her and they kissed, please help me because i love her with all my heart

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    Dude she's not worth it, how can u love someone who is not honest and truthful to ur relationship. Get outta that relationship!!

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    I hate to say it but there is a chance that she is cheating on you. She kissed another guy that night? Yeah, that's cheating... It seems like she spends more time with other guys then she does with you. I would talk to her and try to get some answers. It's better to be single, then to have your heart broken by getting cheated on!

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