How to get over this feeling?

for the past couple of months my life been going so terrible it all started when the love of my life walked out on me...we did everything together he was the only one i could talk too. He moved to another state for school and we tried to make a long distance relationship work for a little bit but we got into a big argument and he said he hates me and he want me to die and ect. now we don't talk at all. Everyyyday i think about him and how much i want to tell him sorry but i know he probably don't want to hear that.

My mom is ALWAYS arguing or yelling at me it seems like im always getting in trouble at school

i feel like i have nobody on my side i try to talk to my mom but she don't really want to talk we eventually end up in a argument lately i been taking lots of sleeping pills just to take my mind off everything, every night i pray and hope i don't wake up in the morning...I went through tough times before and got through it but this time it seems like its not getting any better

what can i do besides smoking/taking pills to get through the days?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Try and distract yourself with activities whether it's gaming, reading a book, art, music... anything that you enjoy.

    Things *will* get better. I know that's probably hard to believe but they will. Everything works out in the end! I have experienced this.

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • 9 years ago

    have you tried therapy ? you can at a clinic/health center

    Source(s): me i have therapy it helps and you just cry your eyes out and feel way better
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