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On 9/11 was flight 93 shot down or did the passengers bring it down themselves?

Flight 93 on 9/11 was being chased momentarily by a couple of F-16's. One of the pilot's radioed in saying the flight 93 is now down. But how do we know for sure. In any case, I will always believe that the passengers were heroes.

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    Flight 93 was never chased by any F-16's or any other fighters. NEADS was not informed Flight 93 was a hijack until 10:07 am. Flight 93 crashed at 10:03 am. Two F-16's from the 121st Fighter Squadron, Washington DC ANG were sortied to protect Washington AFTER the hijack warning of Flight 93 was given but by then the aircraft was long down. All of this is quite clear in the compiled ATC tapes released by Rutgers Law School last week.

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    The passengers brought the plane down. I don't think the miliary would have wanted to shoot a passenger plane down in that instance, especially since the plane was not near Washington D.C. Some passengers got together knowing that 3 other planes had already crashed into buildings and decided that if they did not do something, they would suffer the same fate.

    The passengers are heroes for giving up their lives and preventing more loss of life.

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    Sort of both. The terrorists were pressured by knowing that all the other aircraft were grounded and that the air force knew what was going on, then when the passengers started breaking in the terrorists crashed the plane (they didn't want the passengers to save themselves).

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    This question is in dispute. We know the party line is that the passengers brought it down. But if they did, how could one of the engines have landed at least 2000 feet from the rest of the plane unless it somehow came off at high altitude.

    You decide.

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    There were NO military planes in a position to shoot down or otherwise bring down that plane. By the time the military was on the way, that plane had already crashed.

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    the hijacker crashed the plane because the passengers where coming into the cockpit

    the f-16 did not chase the plane

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    They are heroes and it was not their deaths that made them so.

    It is their character, that came shining through when they were faced with the hardest decision.

    It is grace that I believe they are all full of.

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    they brought it down. The terrorists took over the plane except for the cockpit and were breaking it open.

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