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Will my height increase?

I just turned 16 and am 5'6''. My father is 5'8'' and my mother is 5'3'' (I think). Will is possible be grow the same height as my father or have I stopped growing?


Im male

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    Everybody have different bodys. If your parents are tall then one day you will be taller ( it is family's genes). You are only 16 so it will take time. So don't worry about height. :)

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    It depends if your a female u would stop growing at the age of 16 but if your a male think it's around 21

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    Most boys have reached their adult height by this age, although some normal "late bloomers" are still growing. Even though the physical height that a boy reaches at this age may be his final adult height, emotional growth and increasing control over emotional swings continues throughout the teenage years and into the 20s

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