Which would you get the forthcoming Lenovo A1 Ideapad that is coming end of September, or the nook color?

At the end of this month Lenovo is putting out one of the least expensive android tablets ever, the IdeaPad A1. It's tempting at $200, drawbacks, it's just running Gingerbread and it has a single core processor where many other quality android tablets out there have dual core processors. Now, the nook color is a tablet (current price $250) very lite, by this I mean no full access to the android market can probably see some video on the net but probably much that it can't and as far as loading movies....I don't believe so. What do I want a tablet/e-reader for? Surf the web of course, really to read e-books and perhaps magazines (right now I read some books on my phone 3.2" screen) So I ask you my fellow yahoos what do you think? Do I drop $250 on a very lite tablet or do I drop $200 on a real tablet, albeit a somewhat subpar tablet but a tablet nonetheless?

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    9 years ago
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    I'm in the same boat you are. I primarily want an e-reader, but it would also be nice to have the full Android market instead of limited apps. I had decided to settle on the Nook Color until I saw the reviews of the Lenovo A1. I've seen various reports on the storage size of the $199 model (anywhere from 2GB to 16GB) but I have a feeling I won't want the bottom one, so I think the cost will be comparable to the Nook Color. Another thing to throw in the mix - I've also been reading that Nook Color 2 is coming out this month. For now, I am (im)patiently waiting for them both to come out so I can get the true specs on each and hopefully be able to try them both out in store before deciding.

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