How would i slove this problem ?

if my car gets 30miles to the gallon and gas costs about $4.00 per gallon, how much money will it cost me to drive to the grand canyon about 2100 km away ?

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    9 years ago
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    The first step you will take to solve this problem is convert 2100 km to miles. The conversion factor is 1 kilometer = 0.621371192 miles so when you multiply .621371192 by 2100 you find that the grand canyon is 1,304.8795 miles away. For our purposes with this problem you can round up to an even 1,305 miles. Now your next step is to divide 1,305 by 30 to determine how many gallons it will take to get you from your location to the Grand Canyon. The answer is 43.5 gallons. The last step, in order to find the total cost is to multiply 43.5 gal by $4.00 (the price of a gallon of gas). This leaves you with a total cost of about $174 .. If you chose not to round at the beginning to arrive at a more exact cost and used the same method it would have cost you $173 dollars 98 cents and 4/10 of a cent (to the decimal used in gasoline prices) about $173.98.

    Source(s): I am currently taking AP Calculus BC. This math you are doing is a prerequisite to basic understandings of mathematical concepts as a result I know it very well. You'll do amazing its just finding patterns and using both your intuitive and learned arithmetic reasoning.
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    9 years ago

    first you must find out how many miles 2100 km is. The answer is approx 1304.88 miles.

    then divide your answer by 30 to find how many gallons you will need. The answer to this is approx 43.496 gallons

    Then you must multiply amount of gallons by $4. This = $173.98

    Your answer will be more exact if you leave all the numbers in the calculator and round at the end. (i rounded at each step because I don't have a calculator)

    Hope this helps!

  • TC
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    9 years ago

    1 mile = 1.62 km

    2100 km /1.62 = 1296 miles

    1296/30 = 43.2 gal used

    43.2 * 4 = $172.80

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