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A question for Christians: Is being a famous athlete a sin?

I want to be the best boxer in history and I'm going to give all the glory to God, I'm going to thank him and mention him after my fights, I'm going to give like more than 75% of my money won to the poor, so will I be sinning by being famous or does this make it less of a sin? I'm not very interested about being rich and famous but interested in being the best boxer ever, and helping the homeless in my own way, am I doing good in wanting to do this or wrong? I put "A question for Christians" so I can get help from them so no other type of big bang answer or Scientology answer or atheist answer, please

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    Being the best at anything we do, is not against God's will...for someone has to be.

    What we do with our "spoils" is what matters.....Giving to others and helping others that are less fortunate....but do NOT promise to do something, like say (" give more the 75% of my money..") and then years later, do not follow through with the promise. Just say that you will help others.

    Becoming rich, is hard to a poor person, it is easy to say, I will give and give and give, but once wealth is achieved, those promises become lost, and the giving is not so much, until, it becomes almost happens to most people. New cars, bigger houses, dining out, parties...and so on...soon, giving to others becomes a hassle...and is stopped.

    So, don't make any promises that you might be able to keep.

    Remember, it is not being the best boxer in the world that matters, it is being the best human, that matters.

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    Best boxer in history? lololol. good luck with that Brohammed Ali.

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