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Wheres the best place to preorder bf3?

I have an xbox 360 so i dont know if i should get it from the place battlefield recomends because alot of the bonuses are for PC only and not xbox but theres places like gamestop walmart and amazon so what is the best place to preorder it that will give me the best bonuses for xbox 360? please help i need yo input

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    Battlefield 3 is being built using all-new technology developed in-house at DICE. It's the next version of the Frostbite engine used in the Bad Company games, appropriately called Frostbite 2. It allows for a range of advanced graphical effects and destructible terrain


  • doesnt matter, but remember that in origin you need a credit card, and it'll be shipped to you. You'll probably get it the next day or so. On Gamestop/Wal-mart you can pay with cash, and you could probably get it at midnight if you so wanted to play it that bad.

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