On a weekly basis, what type of emotions do you feel?

*On my good days (or hours) I feel:

happiness and content with myself.

*On bad days:

despair, stress, numbness

>> What holds significance in your life? What keeps you going when times are tough?


> Seriously, what kind of question is this?

It's a procrastination question, Megan. Glad you took time out of your day to answer it.

always nice to share feelings. ^_^

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    9 years ago
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    On good days, I feel depressed, angry, like a loser, I cry a lot, I binge drink and spout of about how terrible my life is. The best days of my life consisted of me crying, screaming, downing a bottle of vodka and punching holes in the wall.

    On bad days I am chipper. I am the most friendly person you would ever meet. I am sociable, I'm laughing I'm smiling, my eyes glowing, I am happy and perfectly content with everything and everyone around me. Icome back from my check-up at the doctor only to learn that I am in tip top physical condition. The worst day of my life, I get a raise and/or it's payday and then I win the lottery.

    Source(s): Seriously, what kind of question is this?
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm one of those rare apathetic females. I'm just constantly "meh." It takes a lot to make me angry and even more to make me sad. The only time I actually feel "angry" is when I feel like I'm being treated differently than other people or when there's some sort of change. I hate change--even the little stuff.

  • 9 years ago

    When I'm doing my zumba and jazzercize, I feel elated and pumped up. At work I'm usually feeling very determined and attentive, because my job requires use of my logic and reasoning skills. When I'm at home I'm usually very relaxed as I'm either curled up with a book or working a puzzle book.

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    9 years ago

    *Good days, I feel: Calm, peace, humour, love, kindness, patience

    *Bad days, I feel: Anxious, sadness, hopelessness, loss, heart break, loneliness, and become sarcastic.

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