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Mother Dog Being Aggressive?

She had a litter of 6 4 boys and 2 girls. She was being aggressive toward the smallest boy. She would put her mouth around his neck and nip at his legs, he started to growl and bark at her, and then he ran and hid beside a laundry basket. It kind of looked like she was playing cause she would jump around and stuff and she never actually HURT him cause she could have really hurt him if she wanted to, but im scared she will really hurt him. She could be teaching him manners, but i dont think he really did anything and she didnt do this to the other puppies. Please answer

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    Well is he the runt? Sometimes moms might disown the smaller pups.

    Best thing to do is make sure he's getting all the things he needs.(nutrition, and of course isn't getting seriously hurt)

    First time "doggie moms" do this a lot. Plus that's a very large litter.

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    If mama is less than 2 yrs old she may not know how to take care of her pups. Many first time mamas kill the whole litter. Many mamas will just keep pushing a pup to the side & not feed it. Natures way of culling a litter. Many a runt has died at a mamas whim. Only the strong survive.

    This pup may have something wrong with him & the mama knows it.

    Did the Vet find anything wrong with the pups when you took them in for their first check up at 2 to 3 days of age? Was the mama OK? Did she pass everything? & the pups? All checked out OK?

    Maybe he is just the black sheep of the litter.

    Hope both parents were tested & had an OK to breed. Other wise your litter is full of genetic problems. Maybe the pup is genetically all messed up & mama knows.

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    You already thought of this, but other people are dismissing it. I have watched several litters of many pups. A good mother starts teaching them to behave and sets limits on the pups being rambunctious, starting about age 3 mo. or before.

    The timid puppies, she will go and bother them until pup gets riled up - or even really mad at her and snaps back. I saw a mother do this to one shy male (3 mo) who was submissive to her at first. She growled and pawed at him, pushed him with her nose. She also didn't hurt but annoyed him.

    At first I thot she was picking on him...but then I could see she was not hurting, just making him mad until he sat up and growled, snapped back at her (this boy did not like to fight but two brothers used to bite every other pups' ears). Then mother dog sat down and looked really proud and satisfied. It was then I realized she was teaching him when to fight back.

    If your pup is small or timid, mommy is probably training him when to stand up for himself. As long as she doesn't hurt him it's okay.

    (pups yip and squeal a lot even when they are just afraid of possible hurt - so watch carefully)

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    Just because she has a functioning uterus it does not mean she is a good mother. If the puppies are eight weeks old and eating solid food, then she can be removed from the litter. It is possible for a dam to harm and even kill her pups.

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    My momma dog is being aggresive towards her week and a half puppies?

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    If you have a dog you gotta get them one of these.

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    Give her some spankins.

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