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Girls? What do you do if you like a guy?

There is a girl i really like...I've caught her making eye contact numurous times. Then at a football game she sat by me. And she laughed at everything I said at the game even though i wasnt really talking to her. Are these signs she likes me? If so, how do i talk to her?

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    I'm a girl and that sounds like good news! Hahaha, make sure you definitely know first though, she might actually find you funny and want to be just friends, but, most likely she does like you, one big sign to look out for is feet pointing, are her feet pointing towards you? Also do her eyebrows rise and fall when she see's you. You can talk to her by just starting simple conversation like 'hi, I've seen you around a lot but we've never spoke' and carry it on from there, good luck!

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    Yes, those are good signs. And don't worry about how to talk to her, you a guy just got up and say hey. I love it when guys ask me random questions (: good luck!

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    yes that's a big sign that shes easily laughing from what you said. just go and approach her next time.

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