I need to know whats really going on, answers wanted from both males and females.?

So i always had been dealing with abusive parents, i have been abused physically and emotionally, i have been neglected and screwed every way possible. I grew strong, i get over it and i am doing all i can to be successful and move out when i am 18. right now i am 16.

but recently i have been discovering things, you know as you grow your eyes open more. so anyway my best friend always thought i was a sexually abused child, she finally mentioned it to me when i brought out the discussion of feeling uncomfortable with my father. she started spilling saying how my dad checks me out, making signs and vibes that he owns me. i started to notice a real father daughter relationship, and i never felt so disgusted in my life. this is what i notice, he stands in a boyfriend position, he made comments like you look good today, or look at me up and down and say you look sexy! and i always felt so uncomfortable, i felt like a whore, like im being touched everywhere by him.

i feel like i wanna die, he also does not want me around anybody! he wants me to have no contact with the outside world. he hates anybody near me even my mom. He always keeps track of my period, he writes it down on the calender, and he always ask me if i have it or not. he also wants to control my money, he neglects my need, he wants to control everything about me even my food, specially my body. i feel so damn invaded, so useless just hopeless. i use to thought that he was just a overprotective abusive father, but now as i Research more he acts like a abusive spouse towards me. i know this is long but there's more i need to tell before you guys make answers,

i also found out my uncle is a psycho, okay, he tied up this dog and started cutting the dogs feet slowly while it was screaming in pain, i notice he always does very perverted things to his daughters and with me but my dad never let him, so obviously my dad must have been abusive himself by his older brother. also i have a memory of me going in the bath tube i was young and naked and my dad was naked as well and we went together in it. that's all i remember.

anyways, now he remarried and always says that im jealous of his marriage and his wife. he gave his wife all of my cute nickname like my angel and blah... i thought that was gross. and he always tries to show of his new baby by putting my things near it and showing off when he is holding it, he looks at me like your jealous because you don't have one. im not jealous i just want him to leave me alone, he use to always stare at me during the night, and would lay his head on my boobs. i finally start to stand up for myself and scream at him and fight back,

also iv notice that every-time i am naked in my room he always passes by my door and walks slower to see anything, (between my door cant close completely, it has a tiny crack open) so there's so much more, but i know its to much, i don't know what to do i feel so sick in the head. i need to know the truth no matter how hard you think it is, i need advise, because i feel so depressed. iv been depressed for 5 years, but i deal with it, i just need knew advise for this. and my last question, please tell me whats normal, and whats not, my family keeps denying everything.

PS. i always protect my friends from him, and i looked extremely like my mom, i am not ugly, i am very attractive. i don't hang outside much, i have been struggling with a eating disorder since i was 11, but i never told anyone, and i have been ignored. just extra info. thank you so much for reading this!

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  • 9 years ago
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    me and my bf agree, im sorry but you need to call the police. if your too scared. go to school, go to your counselor and tell him/her whats going on. they will make sure you are safe. if it was me, i would want to be put in a foster home until your 18 or have another family member have legal rights over you until your 18. im sure you love your father, but he is abusing you and making your head all ****** up. that is NOT NORMAL. nothing he is doing to you is. my dad left me when i was 10 and hasnt been in my life for 11 years, so i have a hard time knowing what a father is suppose to be like. a father is supposed to love you and protect u, NOT IN A SEXUAL WAY like he would his wife. im scared for you and im going to be honest. if i were you id turn him in as soon as possible. it could get much much worse.

  • 9 years ago

    You need to get away from that house. Try and get emancipated then see if you can live for a friend until you turn 18. This isn't normal, my heart goes out to you

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