Fundraising, please Help?

So for my shcool band we ae having a fundraiser for our annual trip, contest etc.

So we have to sell 6 Entertainment Coupon books. I went door to door asking people to buy stuff. NO ONE ANSWERED THEIR DOORS! And I know that most people were at thier houses, too. So anyways the fundraiser ends in 5 days and I still need to sell them. Any other ways to sell them???

Please give me ideas!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    The entertainment book is a great fundraiser. It is also a good buy for most everyone. In your case you need to sell it to your friends and their parents. If you go knocking on doors of people who don't know you, many will not answer. I guess that is what's happening to you.

    visit your friends and relatives, or call them on the phone. If calling sell the book. You can tell them that they will get discounts worth at least $500, just for paying $20 dollars. Besides it will help my school band.

    read my story in my blog about this fundraiser.

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