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I go to a black school, and I am black, but most of the girls wear provactive clothing and are loud-mouthed..?

I want to be respected and I'm sorta on a quest to find a nice guy this year, but that's besides the point, so I'm trying to find clothes that look good on a dancer's body. (for winter/fall) I've got toned arms and legs, really flat stomach... Also, my style are things like sweater dresses that stop at like couple of inches on top of the knee, trench coats.. I want to appear gentle and sweet instead of loud and skanky. Please help! Help me appear to be gentle and sweet, I don't want to be another black girl

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    crimson seems staggering against tan epidermis! in the event that they weren't idiots, they could be conscious of that fashon sensible... do no longer pay interest to human beings... seem around you, maximum of them are stupid besides! in case you choose to encorporate crimson right into a goth form cloth wardrobe... do it in a cool cool style of way. Like crimson and black severe precise shoes. each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days once you bypass back to college... all and sundry alterations much less the impression of their friends over the summer season. Be your self and don't problem concerning the approaches and the fashonista's seem at courtney Love and Avril Lavigne... finished 360!

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    You are like the opposite of my friend she is black and goes around with her **** and bum hanging out embarrassing. Um to topshop, h&m,Apricot,forever 21,rue 21,wet seal,river island.

    Hope I've helped

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