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International Marriage (American and an Egyptian)?

Hello, my name is Katelynn and I am an american citizen. My fiance is from Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt. Our original plan was to get married before the year is out, but with all the things need I dont think that is possible. I read online that I needed the following documents,

1. a notarized sworn statement that you are free to marry (in which I would probably have to consult an attorney)

2. A document stating I am a christian which has to be certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3. A valid passport (which needs to be translated into arabic.

Also I was told to....

1. Learn about Egyptian Family Laws for women as a spouse and mother

2. Have the civil ceremony in a local marriage court with two male witnesses with documentation..

I have a couple questions about this

1. Is a notarized sworn statement all I would need from my attorney, or what else should I ask him/her. What kind of attorney would I need to hire (title of attorney)? and what price range would this be?

2. What kind of document would I need to prove that I am a Christian? A certificate of Baptism? would the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accept that??

3. Where can I learn about everything I would need to know about Egyptian Family Law for women? (a link would be helpful but comments are just as welcome)

4. Who do I go to to translate my documents into Arabic? Which ones should be translated?

Comments and Links will be very helpful. This is not in my line of work so I wouldn't know where to start with this. Even if you can only answer 1 or 2 of these questions please feel free to answer below. I can use all the help I can get because I am so confused. Thanks a bunch :)

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    To translate your documents contact Foreign Document Translation service: They provide certified translation in Arabic; English language pair and charge a flat rate of only $29 per page. Translations are completed within 1-2 days and that's the cheapest rate you can find!

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    You need to consult an attorney familiar with EGYPTIAN law. This consultation should be IN PERSON. Producing the required documents is the LEAST important requirement. Actually LEARNING Egyptian law is the CRITICAL requirement. You CAN'T do that online, or from a book.

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