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What does the pole star mean, and does it have any "true" signifiance to astrology?

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    You might want to check what Richard Nolle says about the pole stars:

    You'll find a brief movie he created there, as well as the following in the explanation he's written to the side of the movie:

    "But as you can see by running the movie, other constellations contain the pole star in other epochs. Just as the equinox moves through the ecliptic (zodiacal) constellations over time, so do the poles point to different circumpolar star groups from one epoch to the next. And so we have different pole stars down through the ages, as well as different constellations to serve as a backdrop for the vernal equinox."

    Source(s): I'm a professional Western astrologer with more than 25 years of experience.
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    You should look up the astronomical phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes. The Earth wobbles like a top while it spins. This means the skies are in constant change. There are periods of times when there is no pole star. Also when there is one, it is not the same.

    You can see an illustration about half way down on this link.

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    no not astrology but it means something about being the guiding principle of the star. cause yeah, the dipper cluster it's relating to is the brightest star connected to it's handle.

    *took some astronomy courses this last semester*_ fyi i don't see any true signifiance

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