Creating a Yahoo! CSV file?

I am wanting to connect Facebook to my Google Plus account. Problem is that I have to go indirect thru Yahoo! Mail. I start syncing my Facebook contacts to Yahoo! and it was successful. The next step was to export them by creating a Yahoo! CSV file. I did but I do not see a download of the file. What am I missing? Please help me. I really want to connect my Facebook and Google plus.

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  • 9 years ago
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    IF the download process worked right, you should have been stepped through to a point where you either SAVE or OPEN the file, choose SAVE and then CHOOSE where to save the file. At that time, you need to choose a location - like your Desktop - for the file to be saved to. The Desktop is good because it is easy to find, there. You should then get a file called yahoo_ab.csv showing up with the data in it.

    If you did NOT get prompted to "Save" or "Open", then you did something wrong in the first stages of the download request. Clear all cache files, restart the computer and try it again.

  • smoak
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    4 years ago

    on the backside there are some tabs there can in basic terms be one with documents in one for csv to artwork. you are going to be able to desire to do away with the tabs the choose say some thing like Sheet1 Sheet 2 Sheet. so there is in basic terms one. desire this facilitates

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