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Opium and Heroin, the major differences?

I've been wondering, and erowid doesn't show a lot about the effects of either, unless I read the experiences. But I have been wondering if there is a big or significant difference between the effects of them, because I know they are literally derived from the same plant.

I don't what category a question like this belongs in, so I put it in Alternative medication

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    It would be like comparing pure THC to cannabis plant matter, or pure psilocybin to psilocybe mushrooms. One is a specific alkaloid responsible for a majority of the effects (akaloid in this case being morphine which has then been acetylated for increased potency) and the other is a crude mixture of a number of alkaloids which contribute the effect. Opium contains a number of akaloids that contribute to the feelings of analgesia and euphoria felt from it, but most of the heavy lifting is done by morphine.

    So in summary, heroin is purer, more powerful, and simpler. Opium is cruder, weaker, and more complex.

    Source(s): Pharmacology Student.
  • i imagine that they are the same feeling, but heroin is a lot more intense

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