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how do i start writing a story?

I'm thirteen and i want to write a book/story but i have no clue where to start or what to write about. Any ideas? it would be helpful if you could give me an opening sentence and a plot idea. Its supposed to be for teenagers and could be like fantasy/horror type thing.


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    Hey- I'm thirteen too and I absolutely love to write. Ideas don't come to me too often, but when they do, they are often a mix of what I've dreamt about, stories that I already like, and things currently happening in my life.

    Try thinking of the most interesting time of your life. Plan it our as if it were a plot in a story. Now take a subject that you like, perhaps something adapted from a story that you have already read. Now you can create characters, perhaps based off of you or your friends. Create personalities for these characters and decide their ages, looks, opinions etc. Now you have a base for your story and it's time to add little twists and turns to keep the reader interested. With time and planning, and with help from the world around you, you may have ended up with an interesting, creative story plot.

    Good luck! :)

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    Huh.... I hate these kind of questions cause I never know how far to take them.

    - Ok... first of all


    - This is the golden rule, you'll never find anything better. - Only write stories you love.

    That's it. The process of writing can be used for man things. But as a person who rights fiction the golden rule must always be followed... no matter what. The real reason any person rights a story of fiction is because they want to say something. The might want to write a story like Anime Farm and talk down totaltairnism, or they may want to a stroy like The Great Gadspy and importatlize a period of jazz history, or they might just want to express this one amazing thing, in the form of a great

    experience... and esentially that what any story really is, an experiecene given to you though words.

    The main idea of this expeirce... and the purpose for it can vary... but in the end... every story is an expericene given to you by the writer. So... you can't just say... give me a story idea! I'll write a book about it!.... That's bad.... What do you know... or how do you feel about that idea.... how can you possible love it and care about it.... if its not even your own. Come up with your own idea, with your own passion, and write. That's the golden rule. Your story has to be form your soul... seek it and you'll find what your looking for.

    Secondly- If you are having a hard time coming up with an idea for any story... then you shouldn't write a book. 13 year olds.... shouldn't write books. They should write short stories... 10K words or less. Just focus on one thing and tyr to write it to the best of your ability. Trust me... when I was 12 I tired to write books... I would get to about 10K and stop... then try again... and I'd have about 20 unfinished novels stared. Its stupid. Write a short story, learn how stories are made and composed. Learn how to walk before you start running. books are like marthons and if you can't come up with an idea of a story they ... that like saying you can't stand up... a person who can't stand up can't run a marathon...

    I don't want to pry into your life, but the first step to writing anything good is to have a passion or idea (Golden Rule). Everything else comes second. And it has to be your own idea.

    A million people can tell you ideas but none will mean anything unless its your own.

    So if you want to write... start small... Short stories are wonderful and can win awards... don't dicount them. Start writing short stories before you touch books... and start geting ideas before you start touching short stories.

    That's all I got...

    Remember the Golden Rule

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    First of all you don't ask for plot ideas because if you didn't come up with it how can call it your own. Just think about the stories you like to read and eventually even the smallest idea will come to you. Then you build off it and write the whole thing. Since your 13 try writing a shorter story first and decide wether you even like writing

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    A good idea is to use a story generator to get ideas. A good one will give you a number of plot kernels and some personality traits of the characters so you can write a realistic story.

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    Just start thinking of a random story in your head and make things up as you go and soon enough you'll have the characters and the plot and everything. That's how I came up with one of my books that I'm writing. I can't really give you a plot because it has to be something you like and something you create with your mind. :)

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    You've just made the biggest mistake ever, and that is asking for a plot. Don't call yourself a writer and say "I need ideas" because that isn't how you become a writer.

    If you cannot think of an idea right now just wait, don't immediately dash off to get someone else to think of it for you.

    Write because you have an idea, don't go seeking ideas because you want to write.

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    How do I start writing a story:

    Think of an idea and get started.

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    Use your brain, and your imagination. Dont worry about what other people want to read, write what you want.

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