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Is it safe to do kettlebell exercises every day?

As long as it's done properly with the appropriate amount of weight, and not hurting myself, would it be safe to do them every day?

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    It is safe, but it would be better to mix up your workout routine so that you do not plateau (so that your body does not get used to doing the same exercise over and over again.) Challenge your muscle groups by incorporating other types of exercises such as running, plyometrics, yoga or working out with plain ol' dumbells.

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    some exercising is often greater effective than no exercising! even nonetheless, it quite is often greater effective to artwork out a minimum of thrice each week...i might would desire to declare you're doing great! Staying on a steady device is the only possible way which you will see real effects. attempt half-hour 3 days each week min. Set a objective and stick to it! in case you exceed it then you definately are taking a step which you probably did not anticipate and which will experience great. additionally, hit the weights, gentle weight training is going to do wonders for you!

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