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dogs aggressive behaviour outside the home?

Right, i have a dog/puppy (llud) he is just under a year old and a whippet. We have had him since he was 8 weeks and have trained him fine, he has been raised with a 7 year old staffie (honey) female who has a tendancy to bark if someone is at the front door but that is about the only time she gets wound up and never with other dogs.

Llud however is fine inside the house but as soon as we get him ouside with other dogs he goes nuts! Earlier on today as we were getting him and honey out of the car they both saw a St Bernard. Honey started to wine and bark (which, in all of her 7 years, i have never seen her do) and llud also started to bark and pull, my boyfriend accidentally let go of him and he went straight for it!? the St Bernard was also aggressive but none of them actualy tried to bite eachother (maybe could of done if us or its owner werent there). So we pulled him away and obviously i apologised and took him inside, told him off and put him into his bed.

I have tried most things i have seen on the internet training wise, but none seem to be getting through. he has been around 6 other dogs who he is fine with even after not seeing them for months or so, it just seems to be dogs outide and unfamiliar.

I cant afford dog training but obviously if i cant find a solution then i will have to fork out. Would be so grateful for anyone willing to give advice and will answer any questions if needed.


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    I don't think it's that your dog is aggressive, I think he gets himself all worked up and excited when around other dogs. Has he ever tried to bite or snarled at another dog? It's like that saying "It's bark is worse than it's bite". My dog does that all the time, we'll be at the park or beach and another dog will come. My dog will first bark and stay clear of them but then goes up and greats them later on, sometimes with his hair up on his back but he never bites.

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    You might consider something like the simpleLEASH.

    Should your pup pull too hard, he'll receive a brief, safe stimulus that lets him know the behavior is NOT acceptable.

    I had a friend with a BIG dog and a similar issue, the simpleLEASH seemed to work for her.

    Best of luck!

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    Have you trained your dog in the basic obedience: heel, sit, stay, etc.? If "yes", then spend a couple weeks taking him out every day and insisting he obey despite distractions of other dogs, squirrels, cats, kids, and anything else that moves.

    If "no", then start working with him on daily training sessions. Have the training sessions in public places like parks or large parking lots.

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    If you have a dog you gotta get them one of these.

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