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Am i doing the right thing?

i know a group of guys through an event yesterday in school and we added each other on facebook to keep in contact since we will be meeting occasionally in this club. so i talked to one of them online and we exchanged numbers. we talked about his friend ( in the group of guys) whom i talked a lot to and he suggested i get his number. so he helped me asked him and we exchanged number. i suggested hanging out with them and the friend said will arrange and let me know. so am i doing the right thing as a girl in making guy friend or am i too forward and scare them off

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    How many guys are in this group? Why are you the only girl? Exchanging numbers and other person information with a guy(s) you just met and don't know personally is not very wise. You don't know if this guy is capable of setting you up to be hurt. You've now given your number to another one of the guys, and the first guy knows that you like the second guy. If he's decided that he wants you for himself, he could cause a lot of trouble. It could even go so far as the guys calling you to meet them somewhere and then all of them attacking you. Don't meet these people alone until you know them much better. Take someone with you - preferrably your brother or other male relative. You've put yourself out there to be harmed if these club guys turn out to be crazy.

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