I have to make my own civilization for History--Help!?

I am stuck...

For the past two days, I've been thinking all day and night, and nothing is coming to my head. (I am SO uncreative, I know..)

My civilization has to have the 5 key elements:

Population (ethnicities, language, records), Government (type, 5-6 laws), Labor (types of Jobs, what will be produced), Religion (beliefs, location of places of worship), and Technology (advancements that will be used, new inventions that will be developed)

It needs to have a name... (The only thing I could think of is Narnia... *eyeroll*)

Also, I need to create a MAP.


Give me some ideas, anything that you can answer, please do!!!!

PS: NO. I am NOT asking you to do my homework for me. This is basically my last resort, since I can't think of anything. Trust me, if I had an idea, I would have used it.


Also, everything can be made up.

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    Ever read a book(s) on alternate history? These creative writers take pass history events and change the outcome. One such was the South wins their of Independence against the North. You may get the picture if the south did what would the borders look like and what culture differences would exist now.

    First draw yourself an outline of this make believe civilization / country This concerns I gather a future civilization. ? It make no differences but your civilization or country has to have a history to exist.

    Your government is it a democracy ? A powerful group, or a dictatorship?

    Your ethic groups depends on demographics was in form in an isolated part of the world and foreigners rarely established them self's. In that case few ethnicities would be a minority with little influence. However if your country is a mixture of ethnicities then each would have influence. You must equate influence with power. Power means a part in the decision making of your country.

    Religions/denominations are developed by people with similar beliefs these could be gods or a god. If you have a country with many ethnicities you would have a wide range of different faiths different customs , different religious sacred days, Even a different language. However the must be one dominate language for a civilization under the same government to exist permanently. Oh locations of religious sites or shrines can be it's the beliefs of this country all religious shrines face West and give a reason why. Another this religion holds it services in under ground locations due to being closer to mother earth you get the ideal.

    Have access to a latin dictionary on the net? pick a word insert in your civilization no need for deep research just name your country, religions etc with latin terms. Let the tech figure it out.

    Laws can be tricky they are formed by a culture beliefs they are a rule to retain order. , Perhaps strict dietary laws, Property rights the age of owners? you get the picture think outside the box.

    New inventions let your Imagination soar. How about a new method of heating using nothing but water restructuring of molecules. Just some idea's your young let your mind wander. By the way this advise I passed on is just to jump start your rider block. You yourself can do much better than I.

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    Well I am currently taking History Western Civilization in college. It was long believed in history that it was agriculture was what started civilization, however an article I read by national geographic believes that it was religion that started civilization. The discovery of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey changed all that. Anyway this sounds like a fun and simple project.

    Population can be 5,000 and the ethnicities can be asian, middle eastern, caucasian, black and native.

    Language can be a made up language. Make it english but make the words the other ways around. ex. welcome can be emoclew. Records can be of floods, a simple diary, a to do list be fun and creative with it.

    jobs can range from all fields after all it is a civ so I would have a leader, religious group, food and restaurant, entertainers, teachers, businessmen, therapists something.

    For technology think about something that pisses you off and come up with an invention.

    Name the place after yourself or look for a langauge and use a random word.

    See hun simple. Good luck!

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    All civilizations have depended on agriculture for subsistence. Growing food on farms results in a surplus of food, particularly when people use intensive agricultural techniques such as irrigation and crop rotation.

    A good name would be "Atlantis"Your civilization will need to use agriculture to begin with and then as their technology increases they can use more complex things.You can find examples in the Sumerian civilization and the Egyptian civilization.

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    You could show what civilization really means, how it really came into history. as evil empires, enslaving the people who live a free live.

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