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So let me tell you want I wanna do, I wanna be a Physical therapist assistants so I'll be going to collage for 2.5 years if I don't fail any classes but I always wanted to help people but I wanna join the military but idk what branch I should do. And I only wanna join to help with the medical field and also other personal reasons but idk how to find any info about this online so I was wondering if I can even do that, is there a medical part of the military? Or is it just people that help out the injured military people?  Idk how to explain that But  like I said idk anything. I wanna go to collage first then join but is that a good idea? Any detail will help I just need to know something. Plz and thank you. 

Ive had my mind on navy every since I started getting papers about it but I thought maybe the training would be to much for me (same for the marines, which I think is the best of them all) but  I thought maybe the army since iv hears the training aint as hard so can you also help me know the requirements for each?

I'm not saying I wanna something easy to do it's just iv always had trouble with physical things like running, I'm not like a fat *** or anything i weight 132 pounds so i know it wont be that hard for me it's just running was never my thing.

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    There are many sub-specialties in the Navy Corpsman field, but likewise many things in common. If you opt to go into the Navy, you will go through Basic Training with everyone else. Upon satisfactory completion, you will attend Hospitalman "A" school where you will receive the same training as every other Navy Corpsman. You will be assigned to a ship or shore billet where you will fill a job that is necessary at that facility. You don't have a choice of assignments. As a Hospital man, you will assist in a medical office. You will see sick and injured sailors, because that is what Corpsman do. You will have to pass a physical readiness test each year that you are on active duty, but it is not difficult. You will stand duty, learn as you serve, and you will help patients who have everything from Heat Exhaustion to Cancer and from a broken finger to third degree burns. The only limit to your exposure will be the limit to which a sailor can be injured. If you are looking to specialize in a field of your own choosing, consider applying for work at a civilian or veterans facility.

    Source(s): SCPO, (SW) US Navy (Retired)
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    Don't know about other bases but I know my Army training at Fort Benning wasn't a walk in the park. Your best bet is to call recruiters from each branch and ask them your question. They would be more knowledgeable on what your best bet military wise is, not people on yahoo.

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