What are some signs a guy is using you?

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    9 years ago
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    Flip the switch on this...If you have to ask...you already know. Make him BEG or move on !

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The relationship is based entirely on sexuality or sensual activity

    There is a Quid Pro Que on every act of emotional support meaning he will provide you some emotional support or reassurance but only with the expectation that you will provide what he desires

    It can also be an unequal relationship where he invests almost nothing emotionally while you are heavily invested meaning you risk all the heartache and he enjoys you while taking no emotional risks. In this case you are being emotionally used verse just sexually. Occasionally there are relationships where the woman is used both ways

    Finally there are guys who use you fiscally for their advantage.

    In short the easy way to tell you are being used verses being loved is to withdraw whatever you think he is abusing the privilege of being it emotional investment, sexual access to you body, or fiscal assistance. A man whole loves may be hurt but will sek to resolve whatever is bothering you in a loving and understanding way. The user simply will rage and complain about not getting what he wants. In asking he question I suspect you already know the answer

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    Just calls you to have sex. He doesn't spend time with you like taking you 2 a movie, dinner, I'm sure you get the picture. He talks about other girls in front of you & thinks your okay with it. Shows no respect or concern for you & your feelings. Some guys use girls for money, only comes around when he wants you to buy him something. I'm sure you already know or have the answer.

  • Lora
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    9 years ago

    Oh Yes, the infamous red flags! I know them well.

    - he will ask to borrow money saying he will pay you back but never pay you back

    -he will tell you he is going to take you out and treat you like a princess when all he really means is he wants sex and of course never does treat you so right because again he needs money to do that that he doesnt have even though he told you that.

    - he asks for rides and tells you he will give you gas money but never pays you because again he has a sob story as to what happen with that money.

    - he basically sobs asking for money to buy a Christmas present for his son because he is little and doesnt understand why daddy has no money.

    - he will tell you that if you pick him up he will spend the weekend with you, no interruptions and then suddenly there is an emergency and he has to leave right after you had sex.

    - he will make you 100 promises but never keep them.

    - he will tell you he is going to call but never does until a week or two later just because he needs you again for sex or money.

    - he will turn things around on you making it look like you are too sensitive because his ex called.

    - he will call you on your birthday want to go out but again no money so you pay your own way on your own birthday and you pay his too when you thought he loved you the whole time.

    -Douchebags are like scam artists that will tell you everything you want to hear and more to get what they want.

    Be careful and listen to your head.

    Oh Yeah, rap sheets are a dead giveaway too.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    if he acts really sexual around you a lot

    has a lot of girls around him

    girls post on his facebook wall all the time

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    whenever you feel uncomfortable around him..i dont mean like wow akward turtle uncomfortable i mean like WOW HE JUST SAID THAT? or SERIOUSLY?! uncomfortable...be smart hun YOU COME FIRST! also if he puts him over you constantly or if he s constantly telling what to wear r asking you to break rules for him.

  • 9 years ago

    he acts like a dick to u

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