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What combination of common house hold meds can kill you?

Q2 how much oxycotin does it take to kill you

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    To be honest, myself, other professionals here and very valuable Yahoo Answers community members (of which there are hundreds) are rather fed up of people coming here asking how they should kill themselves.

    If you didn't want help or for somebody to try and stop you, you wouldn't come on the internet asking questions about suicide. NOBODY will tell you 'yes, you should go and kill yourself and this is how to do it...' (and if they do they are trolls and you should not pay one iota of attention to them). This can even be classed as assisted suicide which is illegal.

    If you are in danger of trying to take your own life, call 911 (US/Canada) or 999 (UK) and ask for an ambulance.

    You obviously want help so I suggest you spend some time thinking of ways to get help in a more constructive way. What would you like people to do? If you genuinely wanted to kill yourself and to have nobody try and stop you, you'd be Googling like mad and wouldn't need to ask any questions.

    People who have posted this sort of question on Yahoo Answers in the past have suddenly had the police land on their doorstep which they found most unwelcome and rather irritating. That is because concerned members of the community reported the question as illegal which prompted a quick response BY Yahoo in which they contacted the emergency services on those people's behalf (and YES they CAN trace you!).

    Get yourself to hospital please. Yahoo Answers is NOT the place for this sort of question. It's incredibly selfish of you not to consider the safety of others here - especially because the YA is full of children and the mental health section in particular is full of very vulnerable people.

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    I asked that question before and people said pretty much the same thing. I took literally 50 tylenol and 20 sleeping pills. I called my best friend and was bawling the entire time. My friends mom called my mom and I got sent to the hospital. I was actually hallucinating, I had to lay down in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm for 7 hours straight. I was forced to have a tube stuck up... my... pee-hole so I could pee, since tylenol could shut my liver down. I was hallucinating as well. I remember seeing myself holding up a book and screaming "HOW COME NO ONE IN THIS BOOK CAN LEAD NORMAL LIVES??!?!?!?!?!" While my sister and mom were freaking out because I was holding a blank piece of paper. I couldn't sleep for the next day, nor take naps because if you take too many sleeping pills your body fights back and you start twitching. I had to spend a week on the 3rd floor (The floor where they put the suicidal kids.) And couldn't even walk right. When I finally got back home, apparently everyone had heard what happened. My friends were mad at me because of what I tried to do.

    Listen carefully. I've been there. Message me if you want, because I know going through that is hell.

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    Stop, and call a suicide line. If your trying to kill yourself stop -____-

    listen, i tired killing myself with bendryl (took 27 pills)

    Worst night of my life.

    I started hallucinating, it was horrible. My heart was racing and i could barly breathe! I couldnt even tell how long it was or what i was doing, but i remember walking in my bathroom, looking in the mirror, and seeing me as a dead corpse. i then relized i didnt want to die. i litrally could feel like my body shutting down. it was so scary. i felt like i was flying and my soul was cmoing out of my body.

    So, i cried to my dad i just did that, and he took me to the hosptial. 3 weeks of curing and painful stomach pumping. horribll decison i made. and look, im still alive, and have to live with this.

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    <<If abortion is legal, then how come international locations that permit it evaluate killing a fetus a homicide ?>> only because of the fact some thing it legal does no longer recommend that's suited. <<If abortion is legal then we would desire to continually anticipate that fetus isn't a human.>> there's a reason you won't be able to spell 'anticipate' with out '***'. people who anticipate too lots finally end up making asses of themselves. <<yet in international locations snip homicide, how come?>> would not make experience, does it - and yet, there you're advocating human beings only anticipate the government is right! <<the competition of the girl, being legal, and the scientific technique isn't excuse neither a distinction. So that's the two the two are homicide or the two are no longer. suited ?>> incorrect! <<Marc, in line with risk you're too identity**t to comprehend the question and placed the respond "no longer">> advert hominem assaults injury your credibility. in line with risk Marc, like me, would not see too lots in the way of credibility whilst analyzing your question. <<mnwomen you're snip isn't homicide.>> The term "fetus" actually ability "the greater youthful in the womb". The fetus IS a living individual. life starts at theory, no longer delivery nor some arbitrary factor in between. hence, each abortion constitutes the homicide of an unborn individual. <<no rely if that's no longer human then killing that's no longer a homicide.>> however the fetus IS human. hence, abortion IS homicide. <<No distinction between snip and stupid mind's eye.>> what's so narrow minded approximately acknowledging the unborn for the living human beings they're? for the reason which you're no longer able to try this, does no longer that recommend your strategies is in actuality greater narrow than mine? <<Billy, did you snip individual no longer 2.>> That only is going to educate how schizophrenic human establishments would be - and you like to anticipate such an corporation (the government) is right.

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    Sorry, but I do not give instructions on how to commit suicide.

    See a psychiatrist. You are far too valuable to die.

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    Trevor, please call The Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386.

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