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Good, free nook books for a young adult?

Hey! I just got a nook for my birthday, and I noticed they had a free e-book section. I can get ebooks from my library, but they're not always available and I don't like to spend all my money paying for books that I don't necessarily know if I will like. Does anyone know any good books for a young adult that are located in the free section? (:

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    Read a lot of free eBooks for a young adult on!

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    Try to find it at

    they provide great list of free ebooks websites.

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    "by no ability permit Me bypass" via Kazuo Ishiguro (those days tailored into the main spectacular and heartbreaking action picture, besides) "Atonement" via Ian McEwan "the line" via Cormac McCarthy "The Painted Veil" via W. Somerset Maugham "Lord of the Flies" via William Golding "Catcher in the Rye" via J.D. Salinger The final 2 are not heart-wrenching like the 1st 2. besides the incontrovertible fact that, there is easily a frightening and/or emotionally impressive cognizance on the tip. I additionally want to study "creative street" and "The Easter Parade" via Richard Yates, which i've got heard are only quite gripping and unhappy.

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    the Lost Tribe series.

    Its a bunch of Star Wars novellas. More like adult but, i like them a lot :D

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