I need to do a speech for class tomorrow...? `?

Okay, so tomorrow I have a speech that I'm suppose to present in front of the class. The topic of our speech is suppose to be on our favorite song or our favorite band/artist. See that's the problem... I love music and I listen to it constantly... I love way too many bands and don't know what to pick.

I was thinking about doing 'Sweet Home Alabama' or All Summer Long by Kid Rock but I'm not sure... does anyone have any good suggestions? and even when I do find what I want to do it on I still don't know what to open the speech with or what to put in as my main points.. any suggestions on that?

Thanks for all the help <3


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  • Elvin
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    9 years ago
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    well do one which you like and favours you because tahts what you like and your intersted in. If you like both just pick any one you like cause its just a speech and you like them both. And put in your main points why you like it why the public likes it, what makes them likeable what their songs are about etc

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