What can i do with my hair?

Ok so I fried my hair everyday for 4 months with a flat iron until finally my mom cut it off (damaged parts of course) and now its short like SHORT I don't like Afro's so that's out of the question how should I style it what products? I'm mixed with curly hair and also what will help it grow faster? (I'm taking bioton) that's all Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    curly short have is ADORBZ!♥

    When you wash it at night,put in some mouse and smoothing serum to prevent frizzies.and when its dry,put in mouse and gel to keep it curled and in place.I also like to use a wave enhanser like FRIZZ-ease by John Freda Dream curls perfecting spray.adding a braid on the side or a flower clip is cute too.

  • 9 years ago

    Style it with nice cute hair clips and massage and take good care of your hair with oils. Massaging the scalp everyday for a couple of minutes will stimulate the hair follicles to help your hair grow faster. Oh and when you straighten your hair, always use a heat protecting, lotion, balm, spray etc. Good Luck! :)

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