What are some good books that 3 teen girls can make into a movie?

Every year my LA teacher does a project called independent novel studies and me and my 2 best friends always make a movie because we're really good at it. So what's a really good book that we could make a movie os that I can use it for that project?

What we look like...

(doesn't matter too much if the characters look like us or not but whatever)

1) -blonde straight hair (a bit over shoulder length)

-pale skin

-very thin


2) -curly dark brown hair (also a bit over shoulder length)

-a bit lighter than olive colored skin

-curvy but thin (luckiest body type ever)


3) -african black shoulder length hair

-brown skin

-normal weight (a little on the thin side)

-5"8 and a half

I have many forests in my area and I live in just a normal rural estate. I have a pretty average sized 3 floor house. We can also tape scenes in school.

So that's what I have to work with! Lay it o me :)


We're not king to be lesbians for a grade 8 school project -.-

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