Awkward hook up..what should i do ?

We're both juniors in high school and my friend wanted to set us up so we started talking for about a week and then on Friday night he was really drunk and I was high and we hooked up (just made out) and it was just like bad because I kept laughing and he was getting head spins plus I can say some bitchy things when I'm high, I don't remember if I did though

When I got home I texted him saying sorry and he said that he was sorry and that was really the whole conversation... then when i saw him out last night he was like said hi and gave me a hug and then he was like sorry about last night..

He seens like a really nice guy and I want to keep talking to him so should I hit him up on like tuesday and start a conversation then tell him that we should hook up again sometime when we're both sober?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you really like him you should tell him that you guys should get together again (but not hook up)

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