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The pads on my cats feet are turning pink?

My cat's pads are turning pink and at one point it was painful for her to walk on. I put some Vitamin cream that I use for helping tattoos heal on it and it seemed to help but the pink is getting bigger and covering most of her pad although no longer painful for her. Before I take her to the vet and spend a ridiculous amount of money, has anyone ever had experience with this before, or any clue as to what it could be?


The cream I'm using isn't like a scented cream or anything. It's literally just Vitamin A & D in like Vaseline.

Update 2:

She's also like 12 years old so I'm wondering if its an age thing...

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    I do not think having pink pads is a bad thing at all. That is just way her skin is, my cats have some pink pads and some grey. My one cat has almost all pink pads. I never thought it was something to be concerned about.

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    Please take her to see a vet if her pads are painful for her to walk on. Please don't use human remedies for cats. Their skin isn't the same as ours. You can get free vet treatment if you are on a low income or some vets let you pay in instalments - trying to medicate her yourself could mean that you end up paying even more at the vets. It's not fair on an animal to withhold proper treatment.

    Source(s): Cat lover and owner for over 40 years.
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    Call the Vet first. NEVER use a medication used for humans on a cat!

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