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Why can't Christians just admit that their god has some nasty ways?

I don't understand why Christians still can't admit it, even till this day, especially when their god himself has admitted it! The Christian god already admitted that he is jealous, vengeful, and wrath for those who he disagrees with! Yet, Christians still say that he is all loving, and does everything for the best of EVERYONE, when it's clear he does what's best for HIM! Is the reason Christians can't admit it, is because they would feel guilty for following a god that is selfish, jealous, and vengeful? Is that why they have to say he is all loving and good to make themselves feel better for following him?


Juli Garcia, Jesus death wasn't much of a sacrifice, considering he got raised from the dead, just 3 short days later!

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    What then, would a powerful, (most powerful of all) being do if it was jealous, and of what would it be jealous of? Surely a lesser god could be dealt with, so that's no problem. Vengeful of what? Getting revenge on us mere tiny humans on a tiny spec in the huge universe?

    That would be unGodly, and besides, He could just destroy our whole existence, if He was vengeful.

    Stupid man wrote the bible, stupid man put into what they percieved to be, at the time of writing....just as we would put into the bible, today, about space travel...but nothing about how to exceed the speed of light, for we know not. How then, can someone writing thousands of years ago, put into the bible things as they are today? It is not possible.

    Stupid man put into the bible things of terror, of horrible things, and of course, they said God told them to... that is how they beleived that thought..

    Even today, there are those who still think that way..."God told us to do this, and so we do..." Like go out and kill all those who do not believe their way...(sound familiar?) That is TODAY!!

    They USE God as their means of backing up what they that the people....stupid people...will believe them.

    But I doubt very much, that God is jealous (of what?), vengeful (why?) and will kill all who disagree with Him. Those are words put into the bible to make those who read it, fall into place.

    Yes, I am talking about the bible, but I still believe in parts of is mans' addition to it, and the exclusion of much of it, that makes it what it is today... did you know that over 30 Gospels were deliberately left out of the bible, and only 4 were kept? Did God then do this, or man.?

    Stupid man, of course.

    God is all powerfull, so why would He then not just mold us to be what He wants us to be, if it bothers Him so much?

    If we make a mold and it is imperfect, we redo it until it is as we want it to be....God could do the same, with us....but He doesn't....because, He just leaves us be, to do what we will. If He wanted to destroy us, why not do it? Or as I say, if it bothers Him with us being as we are, why not remold us?

    IT is the the stupid man that is doing all the damage.... with the help of Satan, of course

    Satan just laughs, as we destroy ourselves....

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    Man, do you come across as extremely angry.

    God IS a jealous God. He WILL exact vengeance, and He will demand judgment. Now do you see why we say we need a Savior? That even as scripture says, "If You, LORD, should mark iniquities, O Lord, who could stand?" (Ps 130:3). None of us, not one, would be able to stand before the Lord and claim we lived our lives according to the commandments.

    God will not sacrifice any aspect of His character. So yes, He is a loving God, but His wrath is only satisfied through sacrifice - in this case the sacrifice of His only begotten Son. "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

    There will be a day of judgment, that is promised in Scripture. So, the only question remains, will you be found standing before God alone, with no hope of salvation, or will you be found standing before God in Christ with a PROMISE of salvation.

    @Additional Details: You admit then that Jesus was real, that He was mistreated and crucified by sinful men, and three days later rose from the dead. That's a start. Now start asking what is the significance of that sacrifice and who really IS Jesus? (Not was, since He is alive - you yourself admit to that.)

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    oh so your saying that if lets say you gave your OWN son to die for someone... it ain't painful? and btw If God wasn't a jealous God ,he wouldn't care what animal or object we worship or the fact that we never spend time with him. i would be worried if he wasn't jealous, it only means he wants us to be with him and that he loves us. hes not jealous for the wrong reasons, you make it sound messed up. get to know jesus christ better, and then talk, you should feel ignorant considering you know little about him.

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    You dirty Jews are racist look at the Talmud

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    Where Jesus say something about other religions?!

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    OK, I do.

    Now what?

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