Parents don't want me to stay out late of sleep over my bf's house but I'm 18? ?

my parents keep saying I have to be home by midnight on a weekend and that I can't sleep over my bf's house because it's 'inapropriate' for and 18 year old even tho I'm on birth control... And laws state that you are considered an adult once you turn 18 ( you can stay out legally without curfew etc) but they won't listen when I try to tell them this. They want to talk to me about it tonight and I want to bring up points that are affective to let them see it's okay for me to do so. Please help and let me know about some good points, facts and other information so I can be persuasive! Thank you! Ps.I AM LOOKING FOR HELP IN EXCERSIZING MY ADULT RIGHTS, NOT TO BE TOLD THAT I SHOULD JUST ACCEPT MY PARENTS RULES

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  • 9 years ago
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    Look, you live in your parent's home and they support you, so YES, they get to make rules for you. Don't like it? Then move out and completely support yourself.

    If you take even one penny from them, they're entitled to impose restrictions on you.

    You sound very, very immature. You do need to listen to your parents.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Do responsible stuff so you can say "look im an adult" seriously look into getting your own place and if you don't have a job definetly get one. maybe go out to eat with your bf and your parents so they can meet him and get to know him even better...hope that helps:)

  • krinkn
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    9 years ago

    If you are sick of your parents rules (and who would not be?) move out. Get a job, get an apt, get away. Then you can make the rules.

  • 9 years ago

    You are still living under your parents' roof, so you have to follow the rules. If they say don't go, then by golly listen to them!

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  • 9 years ago

    see if he can stay at yours instead?

    maybe they are worried about drugs and other stuff that you can get up to?

    ask them why they think its inappropriate

    and then maybe youll be able to understand and find a middle ground...

    i wasnt allowed to stay at my bfs house so i lied and said i was going to a gfs haha

    they eventually found out but we talked it out and i was then on allowed to stay at his.

    they knew that if they said no i would do it anyway and they just wanted his number so they could call to check if i was safe.

    and they came over for coffee to meet him...

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