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my hyundai accent 2002 automatic won't go above 35 mph, what is going on?

it jolts when it reaches 20 mph.. and before the rpm would go really high without me pressing the accelerator too much. the transmission fluid was low so i filled it, but nothing.

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    You didn't give much information for me to go on... could be the transmission, could be bad gas, could be gas filter plugged, could be need tuned up, etc.

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    i had an accent to act very similar, it lurched, throttle had a dead spot, sometimes the rpms would skyrocket, and finally on occasion would pour white smoke. as it turns out the ecm(engine control module) was bad (it had an internal short) and caused these issues, once i replaced it the car ran like new, by the way, if you didnt use the type three transmission fluid, you could damage the transmission(the fluid contains friction modifiers and specific detergents to clean and protect the clutches from slipping) if not i would recommend a trans flush to get the mixed fluids out of there! i hope this is helpful,and good luck with your car, i would recommend having a dealership take a look at it, their electroinic scanners can do specific tests to determine if everything is functioning properly that other shops arent able to me, ive seen it first hand.

    Source(s): certified hyundai technician 8+ years
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