What tricks should I show my dog? She already knows alot of them...?

My dog knows the following tricks:


Lie down


High 5

Guesing in which one of my hands a treat is hiding in, then touching it with her paw

Balancing something (usually a treat) on her nose



Giving hugs

Giving kisses

Opening doors

Getting on and off furniture on command

Crossing her 2 front paws

Twisting her head to the side as if she's confused

Jumping and twirling in midair/making a circle

Catching a tennis ball in her mouth when thrown at her without it bouncing or touching the ground

Waiting for humans to enter or leave rooms before her

Jumping through a hula hoop

I want something else to teach her, but I don't know what else to teach her.

There are some tricks that she just won't learn, like how to hold something in her mouth. Once she sees the treats she won't hold anything in her mouth because she's focusing on the treat and there's no other way to congratulate her. Bringing things to me is also out of the question. The tricks need to be simple, because she only focuses on treats and she doesn't care about clickers or anything.

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    Backwards crawl (aka moonwalk)

    Donkey Kick




    Embarrassed (covers face with paws)

    Spinning in a circle both sides

    Figure 8 weave

    Backwards weave

    Walk backwards



    Say your prayers

    Take a bow

    Side step


    I definitely suggest clicker training. It makes training tricks much easier. I suggest buying a clicker and look up some videos on how to get started, or send me a message. I used to have your problem with treats, but I got a treat pouch so my dog's attention wasn't on my treats. Another way to build attention is to hold a treat in your hand and wait for your dog to look at your face instead of the treats. The second your dog does this, click and treat. Continue to do this, and increase the time your dog has eye contact as your dog gets better at it.

    If you have any questions about how to teach one of the tricks or about clicker training, you can message me (:

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    I taught my little puppy- a Pomeranian Chihuahua, to do a sequence of tips. He found out them lovely speedy-might be he's only a quick learner. A couple of the tips I taught him have been 'wave' and 'talk'. I taught him to 'talk' (bark on command) via announcing the paintings 'talk', after which I barked. He stuck on lovely speedy (the meals treats I had will have helped there). As for 'wave', I'd say wave and wave my hand to him. After doing this 3 instances, I'd elevate up his little paw within the preferred wave motion, and provide him the meals deal with. This took a quantity of courses and plenty of endurance however he obtained it subsequently and has end up very well at his tips. In his eagerness for a meals present I'm making plans to provide him, he's going to cross by way of all his tips earlier than I inform him which one I desire, rather ofter repeating the 'talk' and 'wave'. Good success with the learning, and I desire this is helping you by hook or by crook.

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    get dog tricks and agility for dummies from a local library. It has some cool tricks in it.

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    If you have a dog you gotta get them one of these.


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