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My 7 year old son had an accident in school!?

My 7 year old son has been potty trained in the daytime since he was 2 or 3, so he never has accidents in school. He still wets the bed at night about once every two nights, but that's never been a problem in school before. Anyway, he stayed up a little late on Thursday night, so was tired the next day at school. During nap time, he actually fell asleep (which he never does) and had an accident while he was sleeping. According to the teacher, he woke up and there was pee on the rest mat, on my son's pants, etc. Anyway, he's scared to go to school on Monday because the class knows about his accident and he's afraid people will laugh at him. What should I tell him, and should I be concerned about this happening again? Thanks

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    Kids only find stuff humorous if they get a reaction in return for their taunts. If your son laughs it off or ignores the taunters then its no big deal.

    Why does a 7 year old have nap time at school?

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    First, this is not uncommon for a 7-year old, especially one who is over-tired. Do not worry any more about this. In fact, many schools keep emergency clothes on hand for such incidents or maybe you could leave extra clothes for him at school.

    Tell him that this can and has happened to many others, including grown-ups and this is just a small accident. The other kids may have forgotten from Friday to Monday, but even if they haven't, they will have someone else to laugh at on Tuesday. Or he could turn the tables by making the first joke.

    When my cousin was about seven or eight, she wet the bed one night, and when her mother mentioned it, my cousin's response was 'it'll dry".

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    This happened to me in kindergarten one time. We were out at recess and I didnt want to go inside to go to the bathroom the last thing I remember is going pee out side just when everyone started to line up. Tell him not to worry kids forget about stuff like that as soon as they go to bed that night. Tell him a week from now he wont even remember this happened

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    the 'accident' is aptly named since it's not an 'on purpose'. follow up with his pediatrician or urologist to ensure there is no medical cause.

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