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Girls, did I mess this up? Can I repair it?

its long but please read and answer

so i met a girl on a dating site about 4 months ago. we talked on there for a few months then we added each other on facebook and talked on there.

We got to know each other quite a bit by talking and I decided to ask if she wanted to go do something. We decided on minitaure golf.

We went and had a fun time. She was shy, but got more comfortable as I kept talking to her.

When we got done and were leaving she gave me a hug and said it was nice meeting you. i agreed and asked if she would want to go bowling the next weekend. she said yes i think we should and i said is it a date then? she said yes.

then I jumped the gun and made a mistake. I asked "should we make it offical then?"

Now by this I meant to say, where does she see us at? She wasnt sure what I meant and I aske dif she saw this as a date and she said she thought I just wanted to meet her. I said yes I did and apoligized for asking that and she said its ok and gave me another hug. we both said we will see how it goes next time.

when i got home the night i texted her saying i had alot of fun and it was nice meeting her and we will have to do something again sooon and she agreed and said we will have to hang out again soon.

im afraid i blew my chance when i asked "if we are official".

now what I meant to ask was "so where are we at?", which I meant was are we "getting to know each other?" dating?. i wanst sure. i find it a legit quetsion though since we have been talking for so long

we have talked since that day so part of me feels like she didnt see it as a big deal.

unfortuanely we arent going to be able to go bowling this week because she said she has to work all weekend and will be busy with her schoolwork to. anyone believe that?

now I have done some tinking and next time we hang out I wont bring up the dating talk. I think what I'll do is hang out with her a couple of times, get to know her, THEN officially asking her out on a date to dinner.

so here smy questions

1)is she interested at all?

2)did i blwo my chance?

3)should i hang out with her a couple of times THEN offically ask her on a date?

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    Deffinetly hang out with her more, an I don't think you blew your chance at all, just don't bring it up again for a while an it will be okay. I think it's cute when a guy embarrases himself(: good luck with her! <3

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