HP versus Compaq laptop?

So my LCD wire on my HP laptop came loose right after my warranty ran out, and while I was at the store I looked at different types on laptops, I found more or less the exact laptop as a Compaq for almost 400 dollars cheaper than my HP as well as over a hundred dollars cheaper than to get my HP laptop fixed. I would like some Pros and Cons of Compaq laptops? Or if you have one and like it tell me why


okay i'll rephrase lol, the difference between the compaq and the HP g-series notebook

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Compaq is made by HP...i have a HP Compaq laptop:P

  • Frost
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    9 years ago

    my laptop was bought over 2 years ago, its HP. my little bros laptop was bought about a year ago, its campaq. his keyboard is different and hard to get use to. i have more keys than he does and its easier to use. aside from that, i do think his webcam and mic are slightly better by about 5% i never checked the software or additional hardwares but my is a "business" laptop which is made to run softwares with lots of scripts. so playing games on my HP is useless but i still do it. as for his, i think its much for new laptop users cus its very basic and easy to use.

    you should go to your local store and try them out. ask the workers which they would choose for your purpose.

  • smoak
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    4 years ago

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