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why is it some people are so anti-Obama? he didn't actually do any thing during his presidency...?

to justify this hostility... he didn't actually do any thing at all during his presidency, good or bad.

yap, as a life long republican i was always against the radical liberal Communism that is supposed to be Obama's political agenda... but fact is ever since he got into office he did nothing, but taking a long ego trip.

he might not be a good president, but he isn't actually bad, he doesn't actually change any thing, just talk.

when he was elected i was afraid he is going to ruin America... since then the only thing that changed that now Osama bin Laden is dead (no thanks to Obama, he was just lucky to be president at the time)

he didn't stop the war on terror, didn't change the economy. it's all talk and no action.

i can't stop thinking that only thing he did to anger some of my fellow republicans is being the first black president, because so far other then that his term was pretty forgettable

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    Let's think back a bit to when Clinton was in office. HE had administrative ability, he was an executive. Sure, we Cons blasted him when ever possible, but the libs blasted Reagen when ever they could as well.

    The facts remain, this guy in there now has no ability for the job. He leads from behind. I have MANY MANY posts here by left people, and they are really miffed at what this guy is.


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    I think the anti-Obama mentality is derived from the fact that he promised change and so much more that people actually believed. They now realize people will lie to get into office and Obama is not the only one who has.

    Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something and in Obama's case, I am glad he hasn't done much because his policies are all over the place.

    Hopefully the next president will actually be good whether he/she is republican or democrat.

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    I don't have an issue with his skin color but really look into the loans he gave away--banks that cheated the homeowners and the many investors of their stocks--the bundling of less profitable stocks which were then sold to unsuspecting investors only to lose their entire life savings; they were cheats and yet got tax payer's money for their evil deeds. How about when the banks approved home loans while the homeowners believed they could afford mentions when they work at Burger King. (predatory lender whom sold the deeds to this banks whom happen to know they were bad loans and then bundled these home loans and sold them to other banks and later obama gave them the bailouts although the banks were dirty. how about the "shovel ready job" for which he pushed and got his 'stimulus package' yet the unemployment is greater then before the stimulus. How about the huge amounts of money going to Brazil (for oil exploration) while American oil drillers are not allowed to drill? How about the money he continues sending to china (for pollution control) yet china continues spewing so much 'green house gases" as America is forced to buy light bulbs with mercury. How about how he has elected a cabinet that share his ideals(socialism ideas) but has no conservatives in the cabinet? And how about the new stimulus money he wants to continue his idea of shovel ready jobs...oh yea there are none and if he gets this 450billion bucks he will have surrpassed the cap on our national debt.

    yep, he has done nothing wrong/

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    Born in the least American of the 50 states, he spent his formative years in a foreign country being taught by foreigners. He has said that the Muslim call to prayer is "the sweetest sound on earth".

    Abandoned first by his father and then by his mother, he was raised by Communist grandparents. His mentors are Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright. He renounced his U S citizenship by declaring himself to be a "citizen of the world."

    Never had to work for anyyhting Was always told how special he was. Never so much as ran a lemonade stand but the corrupt Chicago machine gave him a Senate seat for nothing.

    Americans are wise to not trust Barak Obama.


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    How about the Congress has all the real power in government.

    Obama did not give any guidance or leadership on what he wanted,he told the democrats in congress what he wanted and left it up to them to get it done.

    As for Osama,Bill Clinton had a chance to take him out,but did not give the order.

    Instead,his people got on tv and announced how they were tracking him and other terrorists.

    When they said they were monitoring their cell phones,the air waves went dead.

    Every time Clintons' people opened their mouth,they lost another means of tracking terrorists.

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    Obama has presided over the looting of America. It's right to hate him.

    In order to achieve $4.5 trillion in additional debt, you have to first spend more than $11 trillion. I think Americans have a right to know where that money went (in detail).

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    referendum is what people are thinking .referendum on bill of rights as computer program not done by any president. perhaps referendum on it helps .

    hard to get americans to do so though..

    anyway some americans want referendum on decison to sell inedible cars or choose edible food crops. citizens feel need way to effect policy.

    anyway they also want referendum on free trade policies which involve removing trarriffs which protect nations.

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    Noting you say? He has done nothing but spend this country into oblivion thinking that if he keeps throwing money at the economy it will somehow fix it. We are in serious debt, if you don't know about that, you should probably go inform yourself. It's not pretty.

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    The hated Obama when he was born. He was responsible for WW II and polio.

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    You answered your own question in the first sentence. Uh, there you go! I knew the "Republicans are racist" would come in here somewhere.

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