My new HD is constantly clicking. Should I return it?

This is the external HD that I just bought:

The setup and file transfers have been great. Very happy with it. Except for the following. The thing is constantly clicking in an almost patterned cycle. Not necessarily when I'm writing to it, but when it's supposed to be idle. I have a scheduled backup (Time Machine) set to occur only 1x per day, so it's not like the system is constantly writing to it often. I'm not even using it for any file storage yet, so I'm not even really accessing it.

Here's the sound:

Make sure your volume is up. The muffling noise is just from the movement near the mike, not from the drive itself.

The main reason I got this drive was for it's reviews as being very quiet. Which it is, when it spins down. And when I've actually copied files to it, it is super quiet. It's the idle, do nothing time that is so loud. I paid a decent amount for this and:

1. Don't want it to die.

2. Don't want to listen to the sound of a bizarro metronome whilst at my desk

So, I'm hoping someone will say, "Yes, that's weird. You should definitely return it." Or, "No that's completely normal." I doubt the latter is the case as I've had multiple external HDs in the past and none of them have done this.


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  • 9 years ago
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    Based on the information you have supplied, I would recommend you return it as faulty.

    When reading reviews of hard disk drives, a pattern emerges; no matter what the make or model, most people are happy but a minority have an awful experience, possibly because of a duff batch. Luck of the draw.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes! hard drives, internal or external, shouldn't make any noise like you describe. Return it for a refund or replacement.

  • 9 years ago

    Somebody dropped it, before you got it.

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