Back to school question, how can I sleep well?

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So school hasn't yet started for me, not until tomorrow anyway. Usually I toss and turn the night before school starts. I used to think it was anxiety but it is also probably also because I sleep at 2 in the morning for most of the summer and my body doesn't adjust right. So this year I made sure to sleep and rise early, so how can I make sure I'm not anxious tonight? Any help would be great.

P.s I transferred from my old highschool to a new one, so there is an element of uncertainty for me.

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    9 years ago
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    Well you can't really, I usually just toss and turn too I recommend to just going with it. and man ya'll start your school so late! We started a month ago..haha and also I know you're gonna be so sleepy but I was so ready for school the day before that I slept at 1 am I think and I woke up at 6 am sharp and still good. I think it was my anxiety that helped I was nervous too...So anyways the day went well and no sleepiness. however the days after that...I just had to adjust on the first week and well I woke up by the time school started.

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