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Should I ask my girlfriend to marry me?

My girlfriend of two years and I are in Senior year of high school, and I'm crazy about her. We've had our ups and downs and we've gotten through a lot together. She's beautiful, smart, funny, you know, everything that a guy could ever want. There's just one slight problem: She's going to college and I'm going into the US Marine Corps. I truly care about this girl and love her with every fiber of my being, so I want what's best for her. Is it a good idea for us to get married, or should I let her go?

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    You two have NO idea of the kind of people you will mature into as adults...your lives right now are NOTHING like they will be as you become independent and learn to support yourselves...

    If you want to ask your girlfriend to marry you, I suggest you ask her in 4 or 5 yrs from now...when she's through college, and you've done your 4 yrs in the service (and are deciding if you want to re-up or not)...

    No point in even thinking about it right now...both of your lives are about to change incredibly over the next few years...getting married before your mid 20s is not wise, and young marriages have the highest divorce rate...wait...

    Most of my current friends (and myself) first got married in our late teens or early 20s...NONE of those marriages lasted...some didn't make it but just a few years...mine made it 7 yrs before we split up (I was 19 when we married)...the odds are against you, and until you can support yourselves and are on good career paths, what's the point??? It's no fun playing house when you're broke...

  • your still very young and long distance relationships are hard. You both have a lot of growing to do and a lot more about life to learn and your both going in different directions that in its self would be hard on a marriage part as friends and if its meant to be it will still happen

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    PLEASE DONT BASE YOUR DECISION ON THE OPINIONS OF PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. ASK YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY. Its a big decision to be spending the rest of your life with 1 person.

    please someone answer;_ylt=AjVeM...

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    If you love her, you should not let her go.

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